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President of Educators and Scientists Free Trade Union of Georgia - Maia Kobakhidze is holding meetings with Didube-Chughureti primary organizational leaders and teachers. During the meeting, teachers talked about existing situation in their workplaces. As Maia Kobakhidze noted, her main aim will be to actively collaborate with primary organization leaders, as long as they have direct contact with member teachers and can bring their problems and ideas until Central governance of ESFTUG.
"Each teacher shall have the possibility to express his/her viewpoints regarding ongoing reforms and school related issues. I will work on existing problems together with teachers and primary organizational leaders" - stated Maia Kobakhidze.
She also mentioned that ESFTUG approves Safe School Concept, but also added that school resource officers often exceed their authority. According to Ms Kobakhidze, they shall not intervene in teaching process and shall not violate teacher's dignity.
"This practice is good but it needs major corrections. Primary organizations will take care of it" - indicated Ms Kobakhidze and added that she is in favour of education reform, which will increase students' presence rate at the lessons and the main criteria for assessing their knowledge will be an exam grade.