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French Newspaper “Le Monde” publishes an article on ESFTUG under the title “Growing Oppression of Employees and the Trade Union” on 13 June, 2011. A journalist, Rémi Barroux puts emphasis on ongoing processes in Georgia.
 “In Eastern Europe, Russia, Belarus, Georgia – government does all they can to diminish trade unions’ influence and prevent creation of independent unions. GTUC president, Irakli Petriashvili talks about existing oppression on trade unions. He states that government uses all kinds of methods including threat, and dismissal of the employees for their affiliation to trade union.”
Oppression became part of our everyday lives and unfair court decisions encourage it even more.
When there is no adequate legal system, there is no obstacle for government to commit unlawful actions. It will always try to control independent trade unions and support creation of their yellow counterparts.
The resut of ESFTUG Presidential Elections was appealed to court by the pro-governmental group. Ms Kobakhidze revealed that she was offered a well-paid job at the Ministry in case of her resignation from occupied position. Due to her refusal, ESFTUG has been undergoing more oppression. “Even existing inhuman laws are violated by the government” – says Maia Kobakhidze.