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Court dismissed lawsuit that demanded annulement of ESFTUG Sixth Extraordinary Congress results. According to ESFTUG, plaintiffs could not present necessary documents. Tbilici City Court recognized Maia Kobakhidze as a legitimate president.
“We would like to remind you that lawsuit that was filed three years ago, was initiated by former government of Georgia. It is proven by statements and public letters of international organizations representatives. During three year every court process was attended by accredited diplomatic corps in Georgia.
Representatives of EU Delegation to Georgia – Oliver Reisner, US Soldiarity Center Director – Robert Fielding, as well as US Embassy representative were present at the court process. Mr Reisner and Mr Fielding also attended ESFTUG Congress on 30 October, 2010.
121 delegates of ESFTUG filed a lawsuit against the organization on 24 November, 2010. However, 94 of them later dropped the lawsuit. According to ESFTUG, currently they returned to union activities.
Since Parliamentary elections, ESFTUG has not undergone any kind of oppression from the government and as a result, more than 30 000 teachers joined the union again; While plaintiffs include former delegates who established “Professional Union of General Education” – says Maia Kobakhdize.
Judge focused on interests of parties: “What would be the benefit for plaintiffs if court resolved the case in favour of them?” Plaintiffs could not name any arguments, as long as they are no longer either ESFTUG leaders or members. Moreover, ESFTUG is planning 7th Congress in 2014.